Training provider: Hansavest Training Centre (training permit no. 217470)

Field of training: Robotics, automation

Training language: Estonian

Volume of training (in hours): 80 (1 academic hour = 45 min)

  • Theory: 20 hours
  • Practice: 60 hours

Target group: People who wish to learn how to control industrial robots used in different fields of production.

Pre-requisites: Basic education, no prior experience required.

Objectives of the training: To prepare industrial robot operators through basic knowledge acquisition for working with an industrial robot, in various fields of production.

Learning outcomes. The learner will:

  • know how to process programme files;
  • know the risk factors of working with a robot;
  • know the different coordinate systems of the robot;
  • know how to use the controller of the robot;
  • know the different work regimes of the robot;
  • be able to run, archive and restore robot control programs;
  • be able to create simpler programmes.

Class structure: Theory classes take place in the lecture room, while the practical training takes place in the study laboratory, on the FANUC Robot ER-4iA.

Learning materials: Learning materials are compiled by the trainers of the Hansavest Training Centre.

Requirements for completing the training. Assessment methods and criteria:

The training is complete when:

  • The learner has achieved the learning outcomes of the training programme.
  • The learner can use the controller of the robot.
  • The learner can create simpler programmes.
  • The learner has participated in 80% of the classes.

Certificate: A certificate is issued by the Hansavest Training Centre

The qualifications and experience of the trainer: Egon Marder, egon@hansavest.com; +372 58021100

Cost of the training programme (without VAT): 2400 €

Content of the training programme


  1. Theory (20 academic hours)
    • Introduction and general information
    • The structure of the Fanuc industrial robot
    • Set-up of the workplace
    • Protection equipment and safety requirements for working with an industrial robot
    • Terminology
  1. Practice (60 academic hours)
    • The practical guidelines for using the controller of the robot
    • Getting to know the coordinate system of the robot
    • Deploying the programmes of the robot
    • The operating principles of the controller
    • Creating simpler programmes

The training programme was approved on 01.06.2020.

Name, phone and e-mail of the complier of the training programme: Egon Marder, +372 58021100, egon@hansavest.com