Labour supply query

We are solution-oriented and flexible. We will help find solutions according to the needs of your company, taking into account your production capacity and any specific requirements.

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Register for a training

Hansavest Training Centre offers basic professional training, refresher training and retraining for adults. Our groups are usually small but we can also organise individual training programmes.

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Training for companies

Originally created for the training and testing of Hansavest employees, our training classroom has been transformed into a complex training centre where practical training meets theory.

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Apply for a job

We value creativity, initiative and independence. If you would like to contribute to the development of the industrial sector, please contact us.

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Complete workforce solutions

Hansavest offers complete workforce solutions primarily for industrial and manufacturing companies. Our services stand out from competitors due to our comprehensive approach – we will find a suitable worker, assess their qualifications and provide, according to the specific needs of our clients, the necessary training in our Hansavest Training Centre. After successfully completing these steps, we outsource the employee to the company.
Through this process, we can ensure that our skilled assembly line workers meet the exact needs of our clients. 15 years of experience as a workforce rental agency has taught us how to match the right employee with the right job.