From which country do the workers arrive as the result of workforce recruitment?

Hansavest intermediates workforce in the area of metal work, assembly line and skilled workers and warehouse and logistics workforce mainly from Latvia and the Ukraine, and in case of readiness also from Estonia

When does the worker start working?

Thanks to its long-term work experience Hansavest has much data about different employees. The most widely-spread procedure lasts from a couple of weeks until one month since your enterprise submits an application until the moment the worker starts working.

Which kind of skills do the workers from abroad have?

Hansavest guarantees that the education and work experience of the rented workforce in the corresponding area and the required position comply with the need. Hansavest employees test all candidates by carrying out various tests, interviews and practical work in order to become convinced that the level of skills and readiness to work abroad among the intermediated workforce is adequate. The decision concerning the choice of employees is made by the employee of Hansavest based on the certain needs of your enterprise and the employees’ skills.

Which risks might my enterprise have when the worker does not meet the expectations?

The employees of Hansavest first establish the certain requirements of your enterprise and the preconditions to the workers, and carry out a thorough selection process of the workforce. But if it still happens that the worker is not competent in the corresponding work  area or does not suit your enterprise, the employee of Hansavest will quickly exchange the worker. Cases with non-competent employees have happened very rarely during the 15-year history of Hansavest.

Main concerns when hiring people from other nationalities

  • The employee is not able to manage with his work
    All workers intermediated by Hansavest have to pass professional tests and trials, and pass a personal job interview, which enables to establish the employee’s competence and suitability. If it happens that an employee cannot cope with his work, it imposes no risks on your enterprise, because the employee is exchanged at the first possibility. Cases with incompetent workers have occurred very seldom during the long experience of Hansavest.
  • Culture shock
    A worker from a foreign country comes from a different cultural space and may assume that his cultural peculiarities are respected here and due to that may experience culture shock. Life has shown that if people’s attitude towards the new employee is good, he also has motivation to work well and adjusts fast.
  • Communication barrier
    The majority of workers intermediated by Hansavest mainly come from Latvia and the Ukraine, they communicate in Russian and/or English. Experience has shown that the communication barrier is created by premature fear because in every enterprise there is someone who speaks foreign languages and actually it turns about to be a pleasant language practice for the employees of the local company.
  • General fear of people from other nations
    Employees of your enterprise may experience common fear of people from other nations coming to work in their enterprise. The employees of Hansavest show that 95% of enterprises have had a positivize experience. Actually a foreign worker comes to help your enterprise during a busy period  so that you could manage the workforce according to necessity. Workforce rental is a good solution for solving the shortage of workers in your enterprise, which enables to offer more working places for the local people.

Which kind of workers can be found in Hansavest?

Hansavest mainly intermediates skilled workers and assembly line workers for production and logistics companies. The main areas into which we lease workforce include metal, wood processing, electronics and food processing industries.

Hansavest specialises mainly in three directions:

  • Workforce rental for metal works – experienced welders, CNC bench operators and other skilled workers and specialists for metal industry.
  • Workforce rental of assembly line workers and skilled workers – experienced assembly line and skilled workers into various production areas.
  • Workforce rental of warehouse logistics – workers who have systematic approach into warehouses and logistics centres to prepare placed orders.

Which kind of benefits does workforce rental give my enterprise?

Workforce rental enables to expand and develop your enterprise, focus on the search of new clients and be more competitive in order to manage increasing capacities and special orders flexibly. Workforce rental manages workforce risks in your enterprise and enables to employ people according to the necessity of your enterprise: increase the number of employees fast and smoothly when production capacities increase and decrease the number of workforce during quieter period.

Benefits of workforce rental:

  • Experienced workers are found fast – workforce rental is a solution, which enables to find experienced workers according to the need and the location of the enterprise. A new employee will arrive in your enterprise within 2-4 weeks already.
  • Improves the advantage of competitiveness – workforce rental enables your enterprise to respond fast and flexibly to the increasing production capacities and special orders, providing considerable advantage in competitiveness.
  • More money earned – workforce rental enables your enterprise increase its performance by acting faster and better, and focus on finding new clients rather than looking for new workers.
  • Management of workforce risks proceeding from industry – workforce rental enables your enterprise to increase the number of workers smoothly and swiftly when capacities are expanded and decrease the number of employees during quieter periods.
  • Keep labour costs optimal – workforce rental enables to find experienced workers for your enterprise without permanent workforce relations and recruiting efforts.
  • Your enterprise expands and develops faster – workforce rental enables to fill in job vacancies with skilled and assembly line workers upon the shortage of workers and enhance the development of your enterprise.

Hansavest is our long-term cooperation partner, who has always guaranteed us high-quality, correctly trained and very hardworking employees.