Hansavest Training Centre offers basic professional training, refresher training and retraining for adults.

Originally created for the training and testing of Hansavest employees, our training classroom has been transformed into a complex training centre where practical training meets theory.

It is important that every trainee who comes to the Hansavest Training Centre acquires skills that can be immediately applied in practice – our goal is to prepare employees for the world of work, where they will feel ready to implement their newly learnt knowledge, independently and with confidence.

The head of the training center, Kristjan Rähn, shares his experience: “Our learning outcomes are effective, because practice makes up 80% of the training volume. Training built together with industrial companies is most effective when we base it on the practical needs of the company where the trainee will work.”

Training programmes

CNC Milling Machine

In this training for adults, the practical training is key, along with the theory. The trainee will get to know the machine and will learn to use the CNC milling machine independently and with confidence. The training is suitable for people of all ages who are interested in metalwork. Prior experience of using a milling machine is not necessary.

keevitamise koolitus

For years, the profession of a welder has been in the top ten of the most sought-after specialist careers. The demands on an individual, for metalwork, include physical fitness, good eyesight and the ability to concentrate. Therefore, welding is certainly not the easiest job.

Robootika fanuc

At our Hansavest Training Centre you will find the FANUC training robot, manufactured in Japan. This gives our learners the opportunity to enter the world of modernised industries. Practical training plays a key role in our training programmes.

Participating in the training

How to participate?

Read the study programmes and check the time schedule of the training programmes, then register here, or contact us and we will find a suitable time, together. Training takes place in Pärnu, Suur-Jõe 46a. We can help find accommodation for people coming from outside Pärnu.

Our trainers

Kristjan Rähn


Kristjan has been mapping and testing the skills of industry workers and organising their retraining for the last 6 years. He will identify the prior experience of the person, as well as his/her retraining needs. He will help put together an individual training programme for the trainee, so they can learn the necessary skills.